Sunday, January 12, 2014

When two artists fought ....

A Sight  not uncommon these days ......

T'was a difficult bus journey 
all bumps & pits   across the dusty Indian road  
Much irritating to those 2 strangers 
One a painter, the other- a musician I recall . 

They talked about their hobbies 
an unitended way to pass the hour  
They added great tales to their telling 
Each , magnificently ridiculous than the other !

Soon it came to egos 
Those prickly baloons easily pricked 
Sisters weren't spared ..nor were poor mothers .. 
a slug-fest soon began.. their minds totally flicked ! 

Sanity prevailed at last  .. 
the singer quiet,a few broken teeths shed ... 
The painter howling in pain ... 
over his accursed hand that bled ... 

No more singing for a few months .. 
no more paintings till the hands heal ..    
And as the rickety old bus moved on .. 
The lot of us heave  a sigh of relief ..