Sunday, January 12, 2014

A song by the Death-bed

Love ... Underrated .. Underwhelmed ..yet ..understood

Her eyes tell me that she can make it 
The doctor's tone tends to disagree 
I stand silent, a few feet away 
 the wedding ring, luster-less on my finger 

Those X-rays .. their images utterly bleak
confirming the worst ..of that which we may not speak 

She's nothing but bones & a bald head  
Her beauty radiating underneath 
A pause as she smiles,  gently whispering my name
'I have made peace, my love ... please do the same' 

My eyes only on her, my lovely lady on the bed 
My heart sinking in despair .. those final words she said 
I fight furiously with her ...for me & our kids 
She smiles & nods .. tears streaming down her face  

My words seem desperate, so do any promise that I make 
The selling of all my property .. or extra shifts I intend to take. 

I spend that night with you 
the darkest hours of my life  
The morning brings in a conclusion  
the machines eerily silent on my wife 

It's been 16 years past that fateful night 
Our beautiful daughter's about to be with her man 
her walk with me to the aisle so graceful ... her face so much like yours 
She misses you very much, I know ... I tried as hard as I could do 

and then she pauses ... looks at me in the eye. 
I swear I see you .. her voice , yours .. without doubt 
She embraces me warmly , her words soothen my soul 
' You did good, daddy ... Mom would be so proud !!!'