Sunday, January 12, 2014

A miracle in the meadows

Memories of a wonderful day .......

The lawn ..fresh after a sprinkle of rain 
The greenery , a marvellous sight to behold 
A few lazy bulls meandering about .. 
a bat. a ball. and friends abound ... 
Evening arrives and so does an intimate moment.. 
Our cow's about to deliver .. 
her pain equivalent yet not the same 
It comes out at first .. the black hooves very distinct.. 
'She's stuck !! twist , pull her out slowly !!'  
The greasy goo comes along .. its job almost done .. 
as i slowly twist the legs .. life starts kicking 
She comes out slowly .. a beautiful little beast .. 
Her mother writhing in agony .. spends her last heaving breathe.. 
I hold her for a moment...My favorite shirt utterly ruined 
My heart jubiliant .. the feeling absolutely moving... 
She instinctively tries to stand up ..succeding after  a few attempts.. 
and off she goes to nuzzle .. Her radar sense of the highest order ! 
Her mother beckons her .. in a language 'somehow' familiar.. 
A small lick on the ear .. a little nuzzle on that pink nose.. 
The calf & I .. bonded by a common tragedy @ birth .. 
caught unawares in this cycle of life ..... 
A connection made ... unpredicted, unnoticed & uncommon 
Its' been 18 years past that day ... 
my 6 year daughter in fascination at the spectacle ... 
Here lies my beautiful 'calf' about to deliver .... 
and it's her time to kick start the miracle !