Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Childhood Memory -- Love & those little things

Some remnants of a long lost childhood ....

The early morning sun 
brought the promise of  a grand day 
My dad's taking me to the park 
Our much needed weekly getaway .
Consumed by his auditing works  
a whole Saturday was all he could spare  
I would joyfully rake  in the opportunity 
Silly kindergarten classes offering much despair 
The park's merely a stage 
the one that I consider my own  
My dad brings a few 'Heart' baloons  
spectacularly huge when blown 
I see a little lady by the pool 
her cute tufts sending my heart aflutter 
The way she holds her baloons 
On !!! My heart's just hit a buzzer !!! 
And then .. horrors of horror ! 
that baloon escapes her hand  
She looks forlornly at the escapee  
and tears start falling on the sand . 
I never understood why I did what I did  
my baloon my proudest possession 
A few steps towards her person 
her watery eyes on me . 
And then I gave up my string  
the baloon floating overhead  
She gazed at what I did 
her tears disappearing amidst that beautiful smile. 
We connected amidst a tiny spark .. 
that Saturday the kids park