Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Poor man's Inspiration

My futile attempt at creating an inspirational masterpiece .....

 My dreams filled with thoughts of those greats… 
  In their unrelenting eyes, I am .. But a fake.. 
  My actions self-sustaining , even selfish at most …. 
  No deed done worthwhile ..  None worth a 2 cent post 
  Every step clouded with unrelenting doubts .. 
  Deep within my fragile minds .. Hopelessness bears sprouts. 
   To choose a beaten path, or to venture alone…. 
  To lead a path of Virtue or act like a Felon? 
  Millions have taken… and millions more will take… 
  The Easy path to Success turns to be another glorious fake. 
  Alone I  wish to walk, the  head held high in pride…. 
  a new route perhaps ... for future generation to ride 
  To serve my countrymen, is a question I wonder? …. 
  see everyone equal, be it caste, color or Gender? 
  Equal they say… that all men are 
 The truth nowhere near .. Our judgments below par 
  Respect the uniqueness and admire the Difference… 
 For the way we treat others, is ultimately our Reference. 
   Character & Integrity seems such a waste of time… 
  Money & Power, all desires perhaps through  crime 
   Seldom do we notice the difference in how we earn …. 
  People whom we crush and the ambitions that we burn.  
   The right way is often the harshest, coupled with good & bad 
  Money never cometh easy…. The sleep .. The best you ever had. 
   Helping  your brethren  seems such a pain …. 
   No certificates await for a simple helping hand ….. 
   Perhaps it's time to cut out on the Pride and lend a patient ear …. 
  And then one might realize... the supreme value of a tear. 
  The Goal never seems easy; you might be put to test …. 
  The odds seem impossible but never settle for Second Best. 
 Obstacles would grace you like misery on a rainy day…. 
 Relief far and few, every second would make you pay. 
 The world is a stage; they state this as a fact …. 
 So out you go of the cage & be willing to act. 
 The measure of a man does not lie in mundane things…. 
 A life less ordinary, he would live it large like a King. 
 Life is beautiful with all its mysterious ways…. 
 Go Jump the Distance before the Pendulum Sways.