Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gods & Mortals

Philosophy  .. Religion & Spirituality seldom come to a normal footing .

My belief fluctuating on either extremeties .... 
In the best of times .. my faith unshakeable... 
In the worst of times ... the same on shaky waters 
My comfort haphazard across the whole scale .. 

The Bible , The Quran, The Gita & the Tora ... 
Their authors different .. the essence still the same 
A guidebook some call it ..others  ... a way of life 
Each hold you in high regard ... praises adorning your name. 

I am a mere mortal ... bound by a set of rules. 
My choices .. the only thing ... seperating me from the rest... 
The  high road you portray seems inaccessible to me .. 
I have fallen every single matter.... I still try my best 

My quest for an easier route ... led me astray across a vile path .. 
I canoodled with False godmen  ..  their words falsely enigmatic 
The scriptures .. they twist ... the essence willfully corrupted ... 
And a horrific Holy war I wage .. it's consequence oddly karmatic 

I am not a Hindu ..nor a Christian .. neither a Muslim 
Just an ordinary man .. doing his natural duty .. 
God ..for me I realized ... works in an odd way .. 
He lies in those little things ... radiating in their inherent beauty