Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not another horror story !

The Mystical ...seldom have some footnotes in reality...

I have no proof for this event  
fair to say it might never have been  
All I have is these few stanzas  
Conversations with a spirit none have seen. 

My village is a quiet little country 
not a usual haunt for lost souls   
you would occasionally find the local drunkard  
voraciously arguing with the old electric pole . 

My eyes alert for any suspicious movement  
regret filling my journey this unearthly hour 
my heart eerily missing those odd few beats  
as I see an odd figure under the shadow's cover.  

He sits lazily beneath the Banyan tree 
his mannerism sedate, wise & other-worldly 
a look of a favorite lovable old uncle  
shiny spectacles & a flowing beard to the knee . 

All those horror stories of old granny  
powerpointed before my eyes  
my heart absolutely still  
the throat stifling out my cries.  

'What be thou doing at this hour ?' .. he wondered 
a question methinks that befitted him better 
'I am of this village, good Sir. My house beyond these gates . 
been late than usual .. My family eager in their wait ..'  

"Oh !! Thou must be poor young Stephen …  
they sang songs about thee ..  
thou elder brother cried the loudest …  
though your parents pained beyond decree .."  

"Of what songs .. do you mention of ?? ", I asked …  
panic rising steadily down my spine…  
'I have been late for not more than a day …  
surely ... that certainly ain't some crime !!  

"Son .. Do thou not remember anything …  
about thy journey on that bike …  
about the sudden black-out you felt …  
and that white light floating by… "  

" Of course, I rememb .... " my voice eerily cut short ……  
life taking a splendid irony ,all reasons, spectacularly getting lost .  
Speechless, was I .. standing there all alone ..  
T'was poor old me .. just another lifeless Ghost.